Robust cybersecurity infrastructure must for sustainable growth

Robust cybersecurity infrastructure must for sustainable growth

What do you mean by cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity can be defined as all the necessary steps that are required to protect your digital business architecture from any form of attack. Cyber security has become a high priority concern for all the international public and private organizations especially the financial institutions. The rise of the internet has unfortunately also increased the rate of online crimes such as unauthorized access, malicious attacks and most importantly the theft of valuable data. Timely collaboration with expertise cybersecurity partner leads to the effective protection of valued intellectual property along with essential business information present in digital form against all types of thefts and misuses.

Script All DNA is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and advises the management of all digital enterprises to partner with a proven security provider. The majority of the digital enterprises face certain threats such as the unauthorized release of sensitive information, engagement in online frauds and illegal passage of intellectual property to competitors. Giant organizations such as Sony, Adobe, eBay, Uber, and Yahoo along with nations such as South Korea and the United States of America have been victims of large cyber-attacks resulting in huge loss of human and financial resources.

Do you really need a cyber-resilient architecture?

The evolutionary technologies such as mobility, cloud, Internet of Everything, social media and digitization have transformed the nature of business operations but unfortunately, have increased the surface area for cyber-attacks. In the age of advancement, it has become necessary for the digital enterprise to adopt cyber-resilient architecture provided by experienced firms such as Script All DNA and Cisco.

The seven major capabilities which are necessary to be incorporated by every digital enterprise to achieve cyber resilience goals are given below.

  • Identification
  • Protection
  • Detection
  • Recovery
  • Visibility
  • Analytics
  • Forensics

Why cybersecurity has become a matter of grave concern for all digital enterprises?

Global companies such as Amazon and Google are spending billions of dollars to successfully develop and deploy robust cybersecurity infrastructure for their digital enterprise. The main idea is to detect all the present vulnerabilities in the system and then act accordingly to secure all the operations.  Script All DNA defines the four most common trends resulting in an increased need for robust cybersecurity.

Creation of more valuable intellectual property online

The data has replaced oil as the most precious entity among all present on the earth.  The rise of the digital age has empowered enterprises to collect and process a large amount of precious information through valid exercises such as mining, transaction, product launches along with the market information. The huge collection of valuable intellectual property is itself a very lucrative target for data poachers and malicious agents.

Corporations are expected to be more transparent than ever before

The extensive usage of transparent technologies such as mobility and the internet of things by people working in all the business units have made it vulnerable for outsiders to get unauthorized access. The over usage of smartphones and tablets has increased the data entry points or crack points that provide easy access for all the malicious agents into the data or device network.

Increase in engagement through supply chains

Nowadays with the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin companies are generally providing more information and power to the customers and business partners. The whole process makes a substantial part of the network very weak and prone to attacks. Another reason for the rise in invulnerability is that the major part of network defense lies in the hands of trusted supply chain partners.

Advancement in sophisticated individual actors

Cyber-crime individuals and industries have become more organized and technologically advanced than before. Many of them have even more expertise than proven cybersecurity professionals due to increased funding from unknown sources. Moreover, investigation agencies report that some states are sponsoring such large scale cyber-attacks to espionage the industries and disturb the global economies.

What steps must I take to create a business-driven cybersecurity model?

Digital enterprises need to maintain balance while considering deploying or developing a cyber-security resilience model.  More tight controls over the network may result in a reduction in the data thefts and losses but may also result in weaker business communication and operations.  Script All DNA advises every enterprise to meet an experienced cybersecurity expert team and discuss with them all the requirements for their digital business architecture.

Addressing cybersecurity at the most senior levels

Senior leaders of all organizations regardless of size must pay adequate attention to the cybersecurity architecture of the enterprise. Many of the global firms such as Facebook and Google have appointed their own Chief Security Officer (CSO) at the most senior levels thus providing the necessary weight to cybersecurity operations. Cybersecurity must be considered as a key component of business strategy rather than just an issue of governance of technology.

Accessing the vulnerabilities along with backing their business

The corporates must understand that cybersecurity is not about just fixing and securing the glitches and server-router problem. Organizations in today’s world must conduct a complete assessment of their digital business architecture to identify all the vulnerabilities present. Script All DNA advises them to secure their most critical business processes and assets. The businesses must assure their customers and partners that their data is fully secure with them.

Consider protecting the data than protecting the perimeter

Cyber security has been conventionally practiced by most of the digital enterprises as securing the perimeter by deploying sophisticated defenses. The ground reality states that the attackers generally exploit the vulnerabilities present in data sharing and design mechanisms along with the mistakes of the internal members. Digital enterprises are requested to consider security as a fundamental design present in the basic digital business architecture focusing on data itself.

Responsive cybersecurity strategies to resolve the dynamic business needs and threats

Cybersecurity is a continuously evolving field and corporates must always be prepared to face new challenges such as unexpected vulnerabilities and unknown attacks. Nowadays it is required for any business to prepare itself for any level of threat before exploring new business domains. Smartphone giants such as Apple and One Plus always hire a team of dynamic cybersecurity professionals to handle any kind of expected breaches during the launch of new products.

How to ensure the sufficiency of cybersecurity of my enterprise?

The first thing is to constantly engage in discussions with the responsible authorities about the important cyber security strategies. Script All DNA advises you to hold constant meetings with cybersecurity experts to discuss necessary tradeoffs between the created business opportunities and available risks.

The important areas that need to be addressed during meetings are provided below.

  • Who must be responsible for the maintenance and development of the cross-functional approach to cybersecurity inclusive the leaders of the business?
  • Identification of the most critical assets and highlighting of the security promises made to customers and partners.
  • What steps are being taken to ensure the data security and required support to end customer experience?
  • How are we protecting our critical business assets and how is our approach compared to our competitors?
  • Have we added the element of dynamism in our business security plans to face sudden challenges?
  • How is our relationship with the customers and partners regarding the protection of private information?

How are we collaborating with business partners and government entities to eliminate the vulnerabilities as well as threats?


The role of all the individual employees working in the organization towards strengthening the cybersecurity of the digital enterprise is usually undermined. Every employee is an integral part of cybersecurity and must remain aware of their role in the prevention and reduction of cyber threats faced and vulnerabilities present. The digital enterprise must take responsibility to train its staff regarding the latest cyber risks along with solutions to mitigate and effectively respond to all the cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attacks generally result in loss of assets, trust, reputation and financial damage to the business. The digital enterprise has to face hefty fines and remediation costs. Script All DNA offers proven and dynamic security assistance to many digital enterprises like you. You are advised to meet the expert team of Script All DNA and discuss all your existing security problems as well as requirements with them.

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