How to implement AI and ML in the existing app?

How to implement AI and ML in the existing app?

Imagine your app providing you with daily profitable insights based on real data.

Won’t you like it!!!

The majority of app-based business owners love implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into their apps.

All the major app domains whether it is retail, food or logistics and transport are spending a lot of money on a better AI and ML.

Now any food delivery platform will recommend the best food according to your fitness goals or diet plans.

Any online retail app will help you shop with great ease by showing your products according to your taste.

The ride-hailing apps will show you the real-time location of your driver at all times.

Thanks to all the talented people and investors who are putting a lot of faith upon mobile AI and ML.

The facts and figures show that sales are increasing multiple times for those firms that are already using AI and ML.

In present times chatbot has become very popular among all the online and mobile businesses.

A chatbot is serving all the customers in a way that was never thought of before.

The use of AI and ML in digital marketing has led to an exponential rise in sales of almost two-thirds of the US mobile app businesses.

The study of the behavior of your client is very important for you to serve it most appropriately.

Big names such as Amazon and Netflix are using AI and ML to recommend the best of service available depending upon the clients.

Uber and Google have implemented AI that can suggest some of the best routes and are going to launch self-driving cars.

Now implementing AI and ML in your app can add strength to the cybersecurity infrastructure.

Making online transactions safe and secure is one of the fundamental tasks of AI and ML implementation.

I would personally recommend you to go through the article and think about implementing AI into your app.

AI-based personalization is the need of the hour for all the mobile app-based businesses.

The large scale automation due to ML and AI has reduced the burden of mobile app owners.

In short implementing AI and ML can help you provide greater customer experience and quick growth in business.

The article will guide you through the basics of implementing an appropriate AI and ML for your mobile application.

What are the basics of implementing AI and ML into my app?

If you want to go forward with it this article may be the best thing to read right now.

There are a lot of important things that are required to be clarified before going ahead.

Identification of the key areas

There are a lot of different areas where AI and ML can be implemented into your mobile business.

The first step is the identification of the key areas and the problems that you need to resolve.

There are problems such as customer service, recommendation systems, data-based insights and security systems that can be though off.

You need to discuss with the stakeholders about the places where the solution is required.

In today’s world having a chatbot is the priority of any online mobile business.

Make investment plans for it and hold meetings with all your teams.

You can either develop you are own AI with the help of online expertise such as Udacity and EDX. There exist many AI and ML firms that can be contacted for their services and valuable support.

Prepare your data

It is very important to know where your data is coming.

All the decisions that are made by your AI and ML are based upon the pure quality of data that is being used.

Make sure that the sources that you are collecting data from are very authentic and original.

Always make arrangements to prepare your data in the best possible way to get the best of the results.

Stay alert of all the fake data and duplicate collection devices. Make preparations to refine and structure your data to succeed.

Using API’s would not be a very good idea

API is not a full proof solution for your business problems.

They can only be used for temporary solutions or on a testing basis.

The developer API does not understand your business requirements and cannot serve you in a very appropriate manner.

If you are serious about AI than go for your solution build from scratch and based on data modeling.

No API is long functional and intelligent enough to meet your daily mobile app goals and objectives.

You must plan out your personal AI and train it properly with ML so that it can serve you better and a longer period.

Discuss the metrics according to your AI must function

It is important to set the exact goals for your AI implementation program.

Whether you want to build your AI to serve your particular customer or deliver your insights about specific products.

The objective of your AI must be very precise and clear. According to the planned metric ML will be used to train your AI with the collected data sets and the rest will follow.

Deployment of the experts

It is one of the most important phases of your implementation plan and must be dealt with carefully.

Meet data scientists and discuss your plans in order to assure proper data management.

Train your team or hire experts to develop, test and launch the prototypes before moving towards the final product.

There exist many proven names that can assist you to develop as well as deploy AI into your mobile applications.

Make sure you keep people to train and update your AI so that in time it improves a lot.

For the best of the results, I would advise you to learn the fundamentals of AI and ML to understand the working and provide suggestions.

Which popular platforms can I use to develop mobile applications with machine learning?

You would be surprised to know that almost all the largest firms in the world have their platform for app development with ML.

I would like you to explore some of the best-known platforms to find a suitable match for your business plan.

Microsoft Azure

Azure has a very large community and strong support from all its happy users.

It is known for its predictive modeling system and mobile-based advanced analytics.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is well known for its amazing response systems and intelligence business insights.

Google Tensorflow

Tensor is an open-source library that specializes in solving the nonlinear problem.

Amazon AI

One of the most popular Amazon AI is known for its facial and voice recognition systems.

You can any day trust upon Amazon for its machine learning expertise. and

Google-based platforms are used extensively to create virtual assistants both for android and IOS.

The above platform can be used to create AI and ML for your business mobile application.


Hence implementing AI and ML into your business app can benefit you in more than one way.

Its primary advantages would be advanced search, personalization, relevant digital marketing and understanding the user behavior.

The rise of cryptocurrencies has made it mandatory for financial apps to use AI and ML to ensure maximum security.

Just follow the above steps and stride towards the easy implementation of AI and ML into your mobile application.

You can also consult an expert regarding the matter itself and discuss your business app propositions with it. Making your app a very personalized experience would be the first step towards a great future.

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