How to develop an application like Rapido for your ride-hailing business?

How to develop an application like Rapido for your ride-hailing business?

Rapido is a bike taxi-hailing company that has performed brilliantly in the past couple of years. The sudden rise of the bike taxi-hailing application is due to its superb and flawless application which is available in both the platforms that are android and iOS.

Its mastery over handling operations has led to more than 5 million active users and downloads in play store.

The primary objective of the bike taxi-hailing app company Rapido is the provision of fuel-efficient, time-saving and cost-effective transport in busy cities.

Generally, it was observed that traffic on the roads makes commutation through cabs wastage of time and energy.

The application of bike hailing app Rapido is considered to be the best iteration model of taxi booking apps on Indian roads.

The advantage that the Rapido app is serving is the provision of an alternate way to travel instead of cabs for easy navigation through traffic snarls.

The application is hailed to be very handy and easy to use resulting in a very affordable and fast way of transport.

The numbers prove it all with over 30 million-plus rides across 13 cities Rapido is there to help solve the increasing problem of mobility.

Let us study its business model and its unique features which make it a one-stop destination for all the daily commuters spread across urban India.

What are the unique features of the Rapido bike taxi application platform?

Rapido is working as a pioneer in the field of urban commutation and has a very responsive and easy to use mobile platform for all devices. Let us discuss some of its standout services and application features.

Easy to book service

You can book a taxi ride from your preferred location with just two taps on your phone.

Rapido offers an easy saving of frequent destinations into your applications which results in saving of a lot of time.

Pretty Insured Rides

The biggest problem faced by the application based company was safety while a two-wheeler rider.

The drivers are called as captains and are fully verified professionals. Rapido also provides insurance to all the riders.

Safety through Helmets and Shower Caps

The bike taxi-hailing app ensures safety for all by providing helmets as well as shower caps to all. Safety and Hygiene have been the priority of the startup.

Economical Rides

Rapido has been hailed in the industry as the last mile commutation option present in your city. The application uses technologies such as data science and machine learning to make every ride fare transparent and very much affordable.

Available on multiple platforms

Now you need not worry about your device types Rapido offers its services in all the available platforms such as android and iOS.

The best of the thing is that the application features of Rapido are very simple and easily accessible in multiple languages.

The following article will provide you tips about how you can develop a similar application. The section will also cover some of the stands out features in the bike taxi application.

How can I develop an application like Rapido?

The first thing you need to do to use Rapido is to register to provide simple details such as name, email id, and date of birth.

The application is completely dependent on geo-location and provides comprehensive details about the surrounding area and available.

There exist two options for you to develop a similar application first is to hire a team of expert mobile developers and second is to partner with a proven solution provider.

Once your business model is very clear meet your stakeholders to decide what features you want to add and what things that you do not need.

Set up your priorities and then start with the selection exercise of appropriate tools and technologies.

There exist various platforms for mobile app development depending upon your requirements.

You can choose whether to use individual frameworks for android as well as IOS or you can also select a framework for hybrid application development.

Nowadays React Native powered by Facebook can be an excellent choice for a single framework to handle multiple platforms.

Otherwise, you can select Flutter offered by Google to create an agile and innovative bike taxi-hailing application.

According to the trends, firms like Rapido are building two separate applications for the drivers as well as riders to avoid all types of confusion.

After the selection of tools and technologies, you need to discuss the design features according to the actions you are planning to offer your clients.

Take professional help if required to discuss the digital business architecture along with security gateways for your ride application.

Remember your whole business depends upon your application hence plan accordingly so that every possible bug and glitch can be avoided.

Also, keep in mind that once you develop your product on your preferred set of framework it becomes very difficult to switch to another one.

Hence take your time and choose wisely!!!

Let us discuss some of the features of Rapido that can be incorporated with small changes for preparing a running model.

  • Profile section
  • Integration of payment
  • Routing and Geolocation
  • Track record of rides
  • Invitation channel
  • Power Pass and Coupons
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Insurance
  • Settings
  • Help section

There exist some additional and advanced features that can provide you with a competitive edge.

  • Advance scheduling of rides
  • Booking rides for others
  • Splitting fare with companions

What should be my working model?

Each taxi application has different models of working.

You can take help from the daily working model of Rapido and other popular taxi-hailing applications.

Remember the working model is very important for your application architecture as your entire coding will be based upon it. Try to make it as simple and transparent as possible to the agile flow of daily operations.

Call for a ride

The customer can request from its preferred location for a quick ride. You can also set up a nice map that tracks the movement of the driver as well as the location of all the nearby drivers.

Successful Match for a ride

The panel shows a match along with the general details of the driver.

The driver can cancel the rise which then passes on to the next ready driver. The customer can contact or cancel the rise if he wants to with great ease. The option of referral codes must be provided to increase the happiness of the customer.

Time of ride

The customer must be able to track its position at all times along with the normal details such as time to location etc. Once reached the record must get automatically stored in the profile.

Options for Payment

You must provide more than one payment option to attract more customer base. Put in all efforts to make it a very smooth and secure process.

Try to promote cashless and online modes of payment to join the digital transformation movement.


The rating section must be dealt with utmost seriousness as it is a measure of your success.

Provide options for both customers and drivers to rate their every ride. Also, decide bonuses and penalties for the drivers according to their performance based upon the ratings.

Now decide about how much you want to invest upon the development and maintenance of each of these sections.

Focus on the quality and always know your target audience. Stay dedicated to the project towards the end.

Always keep ample space and room for changes to be made in the application architecture even after the successful launch.


Remember to allocate the required budget for technologies such as chatbot and data analytics to stay ahead of the competition.

Making the application like Rapido and other taxi-hailing services is only the first step the real dirt comes afterward.

The business requires a very dynamic approach and you must always be ready to make changes and stay adaptive towards challenging situations.

Make all efforts to keep a stable and professional team of application engineers who are ready to serve you at any point in time.

There exist a lot of competitors in ride-hailing services such as Ola, Uber and Rapidohence you must innovate better than them.

The rise hailing service is completely dependent upon customer satisfaction which must also be the topmost priority of your application.

Try to make your application customer friendly and responsive at all points of time.

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