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Script All DNA Technologies is a Healthcare IT Product and Services company. Our mission is to provide IT solutions with no compromise on quality and services for all range of practices and hospitals.
With deep healthcare domain expertise and domain focused strategies, we offers highly scalable and integrated cloud based Healthcare IT solutions! Our Health IT portfolio includes solutions for Primary, Secondary and Specialty care providers! We also offers software project development, consultation and expert resource services to our esteemed clients! Know more about our Products and Services!


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Script All DNA Technologies is very much focused on Healthcare domain. We are using an investment model to build a foundation to accomplish our mission of solving systemetic problems in various healthcare setups. Our key strategic investment focused to produce innovative healthcare IT solutions.
With deep healthcare domain expertise and domain focused strategies, we offers highly scalable and integrated cloud based Healthcare IT solutions! Our team of professional developers and doamain experts are committed to develope qualitative solutions! Know more about our Products!



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Our Services

Along with IT solution development, Script All DNA Technologies has various dedicated team of professional who are technology experts. Our responsive and professional team provides various services to our esteemed clients to fulfil their emergency and expert requirements.
Our range services includes Complex Data Migration Services, RIS and PACS Migration with zero down time, professional services to help you to be MACRA compliant, customized software development and consultancy services. Know more about our Services!



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Our Support

Script All DNA Technologies is committed to serve its client better. We believe our clients are the pioneer in our success. We are always availabe to solve any queries of our esteemed clients, be it a small information requirement or any technical queries. We are committed to deliver the solution in time bound manner.
We have professional team of people with expertise in our products and having technical ability. The team is available 24 Χ 7. With availlablity of technical tools and and technolgies, our clients can connect directly to the support team as and when they may need it! Know more about our Support!




Products and Solutions

RadiologyDNA – Redefining Radiology Information System

RadiologyDNA is a cloud based Radiology Information System with Big Data storage which offers you to track patient information, procedures, exam status, inventory, revenues, and insurance payouts. With extensive integration capabilities with our PacsDNA which helps you to achieve Improved Patient Care, Care Coordination, Diagnostic and Patient outcomes.

Advance Your Radiology Workflow With!



Track patient information, procedures, exam status, medication, allergies, vitals and patient history. In-built dictation and voice recognition capabilities enables radiologists to quickly and accurately complete reports.

Integrated modules
  • Billing with Real-time Insurance Verification.
  • Notification and Automatic Patient Follow-up
  • Mammography Tracking.
  • Real-time Analytics of Practice.

Information Exchange

With Seamless, bi-directional and real-time information exchange through FHIR interfaces, your patient information, orders, patient notes, messages, results and financial data are shared across authorized entities in a continuous workflow cycle.

Information Sharing Features
  • Secure.
  • Reliable.
  • Real-time.
  • Continuous.


In addition to monitoring real-time modality activities through dashboard, with various billing, modality activity, referring physician exam requests and orders, administrative and inventory reports get to know how well your operations are!

Reporting Features
  • Customizable.
  • User Friendly.
  • Multiple Formats.
  • Remotely Accessible.

PacsDNA - Imaging Made Easy!

PacsDNA is cloud based PACS solution, specially designed for distributed workflow! It is built as a Standard, Secure, Powerful and Unique solution which can be used in imaging centres, or in a hospital as part of a complete enterprise imaging strategy. Our feature-rich PACS system is completely web based and customizable solution which is capable of fast retrieval and exchange of radiology images. It improves efficiency of each user and optimizing user's profile based on the unique needs!

A Standard, Secure and Customizable PACS!



Acquire, Read and Report from anywhere in a distributed practice setup! Share and archive data securely, using worklists and multi-modality protocols. With zero footprint web viewer, easily manage larger studies anywhere and whenever it is required!

Integrated modules
  • Modality Worklist.
  • Web Viewer and 3D volume rendering.
  • Dictation.
  • In-built NLP enabled Voice Recognition.


Web-based distributed system which provides continuous, uninterrupted access to the system. With centralized user account management, it secures image sharing, storing and archiving. Data in PACS are always protected, be it in motion or at rest!

Imaging Features
  • Secure Image Upload, Print, Distribute and Archive.
  • Role based, Configurable Workflow.
  • Easy EMR Integration.
  • HIPAA Compliant.


With advanced reporting and configurable and customized reporting features, PacsDNA enables embedded reporting with dictation, advanced NLP speech recognition, report editing and image attachment in report itself!

Reporting Features
  • Structured Reporting.
  • Embedded Images.
  • Dictation.
  • Customizable.

mWorks – An EHR Integration Solution to Automate Modality Worklist!

mWorks is a cloud based, online solution, designed especially for radiology orders from Electronic Health Records. It helps prepare Modality Work list and provides it to Imaging Modality in DICOM format. It is compatible with all the modern Imaging Modalities from across the modality vendors. mWorks is an application with high reliability and usability having secure data sharing features across multiple modalities – CT, Ultrasound, MRI or Mammography – in distributed practice setup!

An Enterprise DICOM Modality Worklist!


Allscripts Certified Solution

mWorks is an online solution, designed especially for radiology orders from Electronic Health Records. It has been certified by Allscripts as its TouchWorks EHR integrated Solution. You can find it at Allscripts Application Store

  • Auto Fetch Orders from EHR.
  • Auto Generate DICOM Worklist.
  • TLS Encryption.
  • Synchronized Order Status.

Highly Configurable

mWorks includes powerful administration functions to control user access to the system in a distributed practice setup. It is a highly configurable, web based solution on cloud with role based access, defines access areas for users.

Configuration Features
  • Role Based Access.
  • Easy Modality Configuration.
  • Form Configuration.
  • Easy Master Configuration.

DICOM Compliance

mWorks has complete compliance with the DICOM standard and acting as an intermediate application layer to add or edit studies to received imaging orders and acts as an SCP for the Modality Worklist Information Model.

Integration Features
  • In App Complete Worklist.
  • Notification.
  • Supports All Modalities.
  • Eliminate Patient Demographics Data Entry.

CardiacDNA – A Turnkey Cardiology Solution for Customized Workflow!

CardiacDNA is a cloud based Cardiology solution. With smart report building and complete diagnostic tools, CardiacDNA provides cardiologists a complete solution in an efficient and customized workflow. CardiacDNA is a turnkey solution for Cardiology departments with zero to minimal configuration required!

A Turnkey Solution for Your Cardiology Workflow!


Cardiac Catheterization

CardiacDNA supports information management for wide variety of invasive and interventional procedures. The solution includes, Statistical reporting, Real-time Data Analytics with notification, And Information Management for clinical and research data.

Nuclear Cardiology

To detect Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), Nuclear Stress Testing is the one of the most important test being performed on patient. CardiacDNA supports viewing DICOM images via secondary captures and enables single source for all cardiology reporting.


Read, Annotate, Report and Store ECG studies in any integrated PACS or our PacsDNA. With insights for each patient case, it enables Cardiologists compare priors and make better decisions! Integrated worklist management allows better study navigations!

Vascular Ultrasound

CardiacDNA can import DICOM Structured Report data from any Ultrasound vendor. It then creates complete reports based on Vascular Testing standard of Accreditation.

MammoDNA – A Disruptive Mammography Solution.

MammoDNA is Artificially Intelligent, cloud based solution which is fully integrated with PacsDNA. AI tool, integrated with MammoDNA, helps in detection and decision making. MammoDNA comes with full range of tools and techniques which eliminates need of workstation dedicated for Mammography.

Make Mammography Workflow More Efficient With!


Artificially Intellingent

MammoDNA includes Artificially Intelligent tool in which machine learning model is trained on existing high risk lesions, incorporating variables as broad as family history, demographics and past biopsies. It is correctly predicting with an accuracy of 97 percent. In general diagnostic practice, it helps predicting which high-risk lesions are most likely to become cancerous and reducing number of surgeries to remove benign lesions, by 30 percent!


Tomosynthesis images from different sources can be transferred in DICOM standard format and non-standard images are automatically converted for viewing. Working with tomosynthesis images including Tomo Cine and synchronization with contralateral and prior views made easy in MammoDNA. Users can annotate, set custom layouts, and pre-stage studies to another workstation.

Multi-modality Support

MammoDNA supports Mammography images from all the major modalities from Fujifilm, Carestream, Agfa, and Konica Minolta.

DosageDNA – An AI Solution, Driving Radiation Safety.

Manage radiation dose easily and effectively. Adapt to a new technologies and meet evolving regulatory standards with the DosageDNA. It is PACS based automated dose data acquisition and analytics system.

Manage Radiation Dose Easily and Effectively with!



Capture, analyze, report and take action on the dose information. Track immediate enterprise-wide visibility into patient dose exposure for multiple modalities and PACS systems. It supports automated dose data acquisition and analytics.

Connectivity & Adaptability

DosageDNA is suitable for any size of healthcare facility. A browser based design reduces IT resources cost with rapid implementation. It offers smooth connectivity and adaptability regardless of size, number of units, or number of facilities.


DosageDNA provides easy one stop reporting for one integrated modality or all integrated modalities for radiation dosage. Speed, accuracy and depth of information eleminating dosage log books and other means of tracking dose in your facility.

ArDNA - Augmented Reality Solution for Surgery Planning.

ArDNA is an Augmented Reality Solution which leverages 3D processing power using interactive and augmented reality of Microsoft’s HoloLens goggles. It virtually renders patients’ imaging studies into open space as 3D model and presents them in an interactive manner.

Virtually Interact with Organs & Plan Surgeries With!


Medical Imaging Future

Augmented Reality is the future of Medical Imaging. Using the Augmented Reality technology built into the Microsoft HoloLens, ArDNA™ renders medical imaging studies such as MRIs and CTs over the patient in real time. It enables the HoloLense wearer to see through the patient with dynamic holograms of their internal anatomy along with 3D visualization and helps in surgical planning.

Plan Well Before Incision

Using ArDNA, it is possible to render 3D images precisely onto the patient. This allows users to mark areas for training, identification or for further analysis. With unmatched ability of ArDNA to see the patient’s anatomy, surgeons can strategize and plan more easily before making any incisions.

Educational Tool

ArDNA helps radiologists, physicians, surgeons, and students to interact with the imaging studies as well as see these images at the precise anatomical location on the patient. Medical students and professors can use ArDNA as an educational tool that helps students visualize and understand anatomy of patient and individual organs.

Print3DNA – Reconstruct Organs, Plan Complex Surgeries.

Print3DNA is a complete, browser based, cost-effective solution to reconstruct, visualize and print precise, fine finished 3D model of an organ outof patient scans. It helps, planning ahead well guided complex surgeries. Using Print3DNA, save surgical planning time of almost 93 percent!

Reconstruct Organs & Plan Ahead Surgeries With!


Recostruct & Visualize

Print3DNA includes various tools and techniques which automatically reconstructs complete 3D model of an organ out of patient scans. It is possible to refine model and visualize final reconstructed organ on screen before it gets printed. The 3D objects created in Print3DNA is precise and does not required any moulding on printed object!

Print Anywhere

It is possible to store 3D constructed images with Print3DNA. constrcuted 3D models gets securely stored on cloud. As Print3DNA is a browser based solution, it allows to securely access stored models which makes possible to print 3D model of an organ to any 3D printer.

Save Cost & Time

Print3DNA simplifies the pre-surgical planning process and saves almost 93 percent of time of surgical planning and three to four hours of time in operation theatre. Beyond time efficiency print3DNA dramatically reduces overall operating cost and delivers patient outcome!

PractoDNA – An AI enabled Practice Management Solution.

PractoDNA is a cloud based, AI enabled Practice Management Solution Specially designed for Imaging Practices. It delivers unparalleled visibility into your practice using AI. It understands performance of your practice and can track progress, drive improvements and optimize results. PractoDNA enables the smooth billing and makes it a successful part of your practice, helps you get paid more and faster.

Advance Your Practice With!


Flexible and Intelligent

PractoDNA is cloud based, web enabled, artificially intelligent solution, which has the unique ability to track the performance of your practice and show improvements required in your daily practice management. It also provides real-time insight into your own performance, so you can track your progress and quickly make improvements. It is a SaaS based solution which leads to zero up-front cost for software licenses, installations or upgrades and reducing the demand for high performance workstations.

Medical Billing, Claims & Payment

PractoDNA is a complete solution to Manage Patient Accounts, Bill Insurance and Patients, Manage Payers, Electronic Claim Authorization, Claim Generation and Submission along with Payment module. PractoDNA Billing Rules Engine helps keep claims error free when it is submitted first time. Rules Engine automatically alerts any issue with a claim, so you can address it before the claim is submitted. It enables reduction in resubmissions. With PractoDNA you get paid more and faster.

Integrated Practice

PractoDNA is supports easy integration with any other PACS and RIS systems. This makes Health Information Exchange viable and seamless among the systems in the large distribued practice setup. Auditing and Other Reporting tools that help you better manage your facility. PractoDNA can be enabled with MediauthDNA which is a Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) tool to alert you on MIPS based performance measures which helps you keep track on Quality and Improvement Activities!

InventoryDNA – An AI Enabled Inventory Managment Solution For

InventoryDNA is an AI enabled, economical, low cost, efficient and easy to use Inventory Management Solution, specially designed to Manage Radiology Inventory. It automates inventory tracking and reduces on-hand inventory value. Completely eliminate the paperwork needed by your purchasing department for reorders and internal inventory distribution.

Drive Your Economic Growth With!


Automated & RFID Support

InventoryDNA is an Inventory Management Solution, automates inventory tracking and reduces on-hand inventory value with support of RFID technology. It provides fast, automatic tracking of quantity on hand, reorder points and overstock points. This helps avoiding excess of inventory and expired supplies.

  • Reduce Inventory.
  • Use Stock Before it Gets Expired.
  • Save Nursing Time.
  • Real-time reports.


An Artificially Intelligent solution alerts stock level, dynamically decides re-order level for in-demand products and gives cost effective suggestions based on various analysis on stock and keeps you on top of everything to make sure you have exactly what each physician needs.

Intelligence Features
  • Stock Analysis.
  • Informed Purchasing Decisions.
  • Piling-up Expiring Product Alert.
  • Usage Analysis for Future Budget Cycle.


Generate customizable management reports, including master list, and usage by item using InventoryDNA. It is possible to generate plenty of other reports identifying trends and spot opportunities to help improve clinical, operational and financial performance.

Reporting Features
  • Customizable.
  • Access Anywhere.
  • Multiple Formats.
  • Sharable.

eHealthDNA – Improving Patient Engagement and Health Outcome.

eHealthDNA is a complete cloud solution for improving patient engagement which offers web based user interfaces as well as mobile application for Physicians and Patients. It helps maintaining Patient health records, Reduce costs, Increase communication, Increase patient satisfaction and Improve patients’ everyday lives.

Improve Patient Health Outcome With!


Increase Communication

Using eHealthDNA platform, Physicians and Patients can communicate with one another more often and provide updates on patient conditions using in-built secure chat tool, in-app call facility, in-app SMS Facility and e-mail notification. It includes Appointment Management and Scheduling and Notification modules.

In-App Communication Tools
  • Chat.
  • Call .
  • SMS.
  • Email.

Patient Health Rercord

eHealthDNA securely stores patient health records using Web Application or Mobile Application. As a physician you can maintain patients' health records including patient demographics, vitals history and order history. Your patients can book appointment, access their health records and share it with other physicians.

Information Access and Sharing Features
  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • Secure.
  • Automatic Vitals Tracking & Logging.
  • Reliable.


eHealthDNA enables and encourages physicians to engage more with their patients using tools and technology featured in application. Physicians can do phone or video consultation, Patients can request prescription and can view available appointments. Physicians can fill prescription and maintains prescription history.

e-Consulting Features
  • Audio/Video Consulting.
  • Seamless Communication.
  • e-Filling Prescription.
  • Interactive.



Happy - To Help You!

Take Better Care of Your Patients.

Welcome to Script All DNA Technologies Customer Support Desk - Here you can get all the information you need to succeed. We are pleased to have you as our esteemed customer and are available 24X7 to help you get the most out of your systems and solutions.

Our energetic team of young executives and tech geeks can assist you with troubleshooting, product training or any other problem you might have or even simply to have a conversation with you and help you understand the product features or how to get the data that can help you take important decisions to grow your business. You can contact us through phone, email or chat. Let us help you to achieve quality care to your patients.


Transition to Value-Based Healthcare.

With the release of Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) regulation implementation guide, every size of practices and all individual providers faces the most fundamental changes in reimbursement. Providers who measures and reports on outcomes on care management, will see more reimbursement ahead!

Starting in 2017, Medicare physicians are required to participate in MIPS or APM systems.

We provides professional services to help you to be MACRA compliant and get you reimbursed more!

Our MACRA Service Include
  • Regularly provide alerts on compliance.
  • Manage Reporting and Documentation.
  • No Operation Disruption.
  • Hotline Support


RIS/PACS - Migration!

Assiting to make your data usable.

Script All DNA Technologies have professional team to assist you in migration of legacy DICOM data from PACS, as well as demographic and study data from HIS, RIS and EMR systems. While our technical team at your service, we provides the cost-effective, timely and smooth data migration and make it usable in no time!

If needed we also offers to scrubbing and cleansing data service before migration and help you rectify data and maintain consistent data only.

Our Data Migration Service Include
  • Best Practices through specific road map and clear benchmark.
  • No Down Time.
  • Assured Quality.
  • Post Migration Data Reconciliation and Validation.


Health - IT!

Software Developmenet Services.

Let's work on your next big idea and make it a reality. Take advantage of our professional and domain expert team in US and other healthcare systems and bring your web and mobile solutions to life.

Our Area of Expertise Includes
  • Healthcare Systems Interoperability.
  • Mobile Health.
  • Device Integration.
  • Analytics.

Even with tight deadlines, our work is extra ordinary! Understanding of healthcare privacy laws and requirements of our professional team, executes complex tasks in simpler ways.

Our Software Development Services Offers
  • Healthcare Information System Development.
  • Mobile Application Development.
  • Web App Development.
  • Interface Development.


IT- Cousultancy!

Working Together to Achieve More.

We can help you streamline your IT and software infrastructure and eliminating requirement of a full-time IT person. Our deep understanding of functional and technical expertise enables us to understand you more to achieve your ultimate goal.

We Provides Consultant Who Are
  • Domain Expert.
  • Technology Expert.
  • Professional.
  • Loyal.

Our deep understanding of different healthcare settings has enabled us to understand the specific regional and national quality requirements. We can help you setup periodic reporting standards for regional or national requirements such as PQRS and ASCQR quality reporting. We can also do this on your behalf.

Our Quality Reporting Services Offers
  • Regularly provide alerts on compliance.
  • Manage Reporting and Documentation.
  • Dedicated Resources.
  • 24 Χ 7 Support.



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The Global Healthcare Technology Perspectives.

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The Script All DNA Technologies.

Script All DNA Technologies is a Healthcare IT Product and Services company. Our mission is to provide quality products and services for all range of practices and hospitals.

With deep healthcare domain expertise and domain focused strategies, we offers highly scalable and integrated cloud based Healthcare IT solutions! Our Health IT portfolio includes solutions for Primary, Secondary and Specialty care providers! We also offers software project development, consultation and staffing services to our esteemed clients! Know more about our Products and Services!

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We are Developer Partner with Allscripts.
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